Mobile app distribution

Mobile Application Management

Upload, manage, and share your apps all in one place.

Let's face it: people love their phones. If left at home, it's something most people will turn around to go get - right up there with a wallet or purse. This love for mobile devices means that more and more enterprise technology managers are feeling pressure to manage smartphones that are not owned by their companies. This can be a challenge, but times are changing...


Traditionally, technology managers followed a Mobile Device Management strategy (MDM): The company owned the phones AND managed the content that went on them. But now, more and more employees are using their own devices, leaving technology managers s scrambling to find ways to manage a few apps instead of the entire device and all the content on it. This is called Mobile Application Management (MAM), and something we are passionate about supporting.

Bring Your Own Device

We want to make it easy for you to say to your coworkers, "Bring Your Own Device." Knappsack is a simple, easy-to-use, mobile application management platform designed to make sharing apps with employees and customers painless. It's a BYOD party, and you're whole company is invited!

For IT Managers

Knappsack gives technology managers a secure way to deploy apps within their own organization.

  • Upload apps to secure groups
  • Manage all your company's apps
  • Deploy apps to any device
  • Control app versions
  • Get started for free!




For Developers

With Knappsack, you can easily deploy apps to your clients, or give them the platform to use on their own.

  • Distribute apps securely to clients
  • Deploy apps to any device
  • Manage apps builds
  • Customize open source version
  • Get started for free!